This article exhaustively details all the information that you need to win a cannabis license in New York. Details of the history of cannabis legalization in the state are outlined, including draconian drug laws instituted in 1973, along with information about the previous and current political administration’s views on cannabis, and how cannabis legalization progressed in New York. A summation of medical cannabis licenses include the technical details of that application round, general rules regarding medical cannabis and patients, legal battles related to medical licensees, and how medical operators will expand into the adult-use market. Social Equity is a critical component of the cannabis legislation in New York; the equity requirements put forth by the original cannabis act, the Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, the 2023 Social and Economic Equity Plan, and the review process for social equity applicant consideration are all discussed in the Social Equity section. Finally, recreational cannabis licenses in New York are described in depth, including details on the brand-new Cannabis Growers Showcase.Read more